This week I’ve designed a Sound Logo for a computer when it turns on and off. i used a Reaktor VST Plug-in and ableton to come up with the sound logo.

I started off by turning the oscillator levels up and down to try a variate of sounds and then raised the modulation knob up  to change the sound from a dark sound and to make it crunchy.

With reaktor i used all the three oscillators, oscillator 1 and 3 i used a square wave and a triangle wave foam on oscillator three. I then increased the attract and release to create a longer fade in and fade out.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.23.13 pmIn the filter and amp section I used a low pass filter to cut off the high frequencies as the synth was loud and unpleasant to listen too with loud high frequencies.

Finally i drew in the midi notes in ableton that were played back by the synth. I used low octaves in order to create a bit of body to the sound logo. I used notes E layered over G on the first octave for the “On” sound and used C note in the second octave for the “Off” sound.


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