For this weeks extra 18 hours i watched tutorials on Drum Programming and Sampling with BATTERY and Advanced Instrumentation and Sound Design with KONTAKT on lynda.com where i learnt how to designed Drum kits and instruments from scratch. After watching these videos i was able to understand beyond the basics of controlling the synth and knowing how different controls can change the sound. I went on and practiced the skills and techniques i learnt from the tutorials and applied them to create an Instrumental  that had a lead, plunk, pad and bass sound created in Kontakt and drums made in Battery. This help me to master what i learnt from the tutorial and i found battery to be my favourite drum programming synth and the only bad side of it is it lacks the undo button.

Instrumental sound cloud link 

I also  booked the TLA studio and the record booth on the campus to record two Hip-Hop artists as part of my 18 extra hours and also to improve my skills of work with artists (building up the producer’s skills) and learning or getting familiar with TLA studio desk. i used patches and mixed the track on the desk using the hardware effects in the TLA studio. I had lot of problems where i never set up the proper signal flow, the desk didn’t  receive any signal from the microphone and I had forgotten  how to send back the mix to the artist through the headphones sends. With all the troubles i had  to get the supervisor to help me out and teach (remind me) on how to set up the desk correctly. Later on I found out all i did wrong was missing to switch few button on such as the L+R  button on each instrument track. This studio session did help me much to recover what i had forget from the practicals session.


Lastly i had to remaining time to finish off my the class tasks of designing Sound (instruments), and creating drum kits to catch up with the rest of the class. Thats how i spent the unwated Weekly 18Hrs  to build up my career and develop self


Sutton.E. (24, July, 2015). Advanced Instrumentation and Sound Design with Kontakt.  Retrieved 19 October 2015 from http://www.lynda.com/Kontakt-tutorials/Advanced-Instrumentation-Sound-Design-KONTAKT/383039-2.html

Sutton.E. (17, July, 2015). Drum Programming and Sampling with BATTERY. Retrieved 19 October 2015 from http://www.lynda.com/Battery-tutorials/Drum-Programming-Sampling-BATTERY/383040-2.html


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