For my major project am thinking of composing two electronic songs in the genre of reggae and dancehall using Ableton as the digital work station (DAW). The songs will consist of drums sampled or custom made using some of the plug-ins like battery, protools’ built in “boom”. i will also design instruments using plug-in such kontakt that i will used in the two songs. The process of designing instruments will help me developed and improve on my skills of Sound designing.

Am also thinking of recording vocals and bass guitar to the tracks in the TLA studio to get my head around the desk. But before recording the instruments, i will bounce tracks out of ableton into protools as wav format where i will record instruments and mix down the tracks. i will make sure Each song will have no less thanks 12 tracks.

After the mixing process in done i will bounced and export the tracks out of protools and i will reference them on different speakers and different studio to make sure the studio is of good quality. i will also get some peer reviews and feedback on my work before submitting it.


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