For week six, we were divided into small groups and assigned a “mystery Project” which we had to work on from 10am – 5pm. The project was to record Radio stings of various lengths, a SAE College Advert, a halloween theme track and a simple catchy phrase for the radio station.

My group was given five members and we were working on a Hip Hop radio station called Hip Hop hooray 99.9 FM.

In our group, we divided roles and assigned different jobs to individuals in order to finished up the task in time. Two of us worked on producing the tracks for the station (electronically), one member was the engineer responsible for control room. she had to set up, recorded vocals and controlled the desk. The rest of the team had to mix down the tracks to create the final product.


I recorded the vocals for the stations and it wasn’t easy as i was not confident enough recording with a group of people around me. I’ve always recorded in a room by my self and that where i was more confident. In this project i learnt to work with a team in real world/industry situation and It also gave me more confidence that i can now work without being shy.

we had a few issues on the start of the project as we couldn’t get the desk to work but we managed to get assistance from the lecturer who helped us and sorted out the problem for us.  The mix stage went on good as the all group came together and help the two members who were responsible for the mixing stage. We raised ideas and suggestions for the mixing. like each effects and plug in to uses and when to use them. After we were done with the mixing stage we had to reference our work before submission.

After we were done with the mixing stage we had to reference our work before submission.



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