Week 8: Major Project Stage 1

For this week we have started on our final project for this trimester. Me and Luca have chose to record and produce 3 house tracks as our major project. we are using the Chicago 80 styles as our reference track such as the Frankie Knuckles love song. we are also producing one track trying to replicate the Daft Punk get lucky song. We used Ableton to program 3 simple  instrumental beats that will be used by the guitarist to record and melodies and chords of the tracks.

Me and Luca worked together at the campus to produce the  3 track, we tried out different effects, sounds and structures of the songs and made sure we loved our product before  we sent it the guitarists who will be laying down melodies in the coming weeks. Working on house music is a bit challenging as we both from reggae music background. But its fun at the same time as were are learning new techniques and different styles of using effect which is different from other genres. like the using of noise as an instrument when you side chain it to a kick give it that pump in and out effect.

Overall the project is going on well as am working a great  partner. We learning techniques from each other.  we are looking forward to record the guitarist as its going to be great working with people outside the campus. it feels like a real industry job thou we aint getting paid. STAY TUNED FOR MORE..

The link below is a playlist of our tracks in progress



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