WEEK 9: Project Progress & Data back up plan

For week nine/the second week of our major project production, we decided to record percussions to the two of my house tracks that we showcased on Tuesday morning during our presentation. Me and Luca re-drafted the production plan as we changed  and re-arranged few sessions around. We also included in week 12 and 13 as we didn’t have them on the first drafted plan. Due to the availability of the musicians (guitarists and vocalist) we are planning on swapping around few studios sessions to suit them and create better times fro them.

On Tuesday night 17-November 2015, we booked the TLA studio and got the percussionist to record the djembe drum and the shakers. I also recorded a few takes of the djembe drum as am good at playing it. We also wanted a few variations of the djembe drums. Luca and I collected  tins and couple of jugs to hit as percussions. This was a back up plan incase we could not get the drums on day but Luckily we managed to get them and proceeded with our  recording as mentioned in our presentation.

During the set up we used a variety of microphones and even tried a few mic placement positions to get better takes. we used the SE Z5600A II for the bottom  of the djembe (Kick in), the SM57 on the top/slap of the djembe, AKG 420 as the room microphone and the Shure Sm58 dynamic vocal microphone for talk back. The use of multi microphones was great way of learning microphone placement and also gave us a variety of different percussion sounds that we will be mix in the songs.

The over roll recordings went on well on the day but we encountered few problems after bouncing down the recordings and closed the session. The recordings for one of the track were sounding very bad and we could not know what exactly happened. We called the supervision to give us a hand in figuring out what the problem was but he neither could figure it out. We ran out of studio time on the day so we left the studios and came back the following day to re-record the tracks that were not sounding good but still it was the same problem. At the end the supervisor  suggested that problem might be the desk so we had to close the session, shut down everything and turn them back on after a few minutes. Every thing started working well.



For the back up plan of our project and data storage we have created a google drive and drop box account as our electronic drive storage where we have uploaded and shared the tracks with the musicians to see our progress. This can provide safety of our data incase our hard drives break down. we have also stored the projects and sessions on multi Hard drives and backed it up on my home back up drive. We have also shared our progression tracks on soundCloud not only for keeping them on line but to enable us get feedback (criticism) from our peers and classmates.

Below is the link to our progression of our raw track with percussions included



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