Week 10 Bass and Guitar recording

For week 10 (week 3) of our major project, our task was to record and edit the bass guitar and guitar to three of our house tracks and to re-recording the percussions of one track that didn’t sound good from the last recording session.

Luca and me booked the Audient 2 studio for Monday and TLA studio for Wednesday, as we there wasn’t any studio that was free for a double session. We decided to split the recording to two separate days. We sent the message to the guitarists and assigned the guitarist to Monday and the bass player to Wednesday. Unfortunately on Monday we didn’t end up recording as the guitarists had a problem with his cars and couldn’t turn up for the session we cancelled the booked and transferred the programme to that Wednesday.

On Wednesday both the guitarists came in and we did the recording for all the tracks. The recording went on good, as both the guitars were very talented they gave us lots of good takes that we were happy with.


Luca and me decided to DI both the guitar, as it was the best way to get a cleaner sound.

For the first track we recorded a sort of funky Groove rhythms and melodies (daft punk styles)


For the second track we recorded a reggae and jazz style guitar with couple of variation that we will be working with in the coming week.

IMAG1976.jpgAnd we recorded melodies that we will be converting to midi and change them using effects and plugin instrument like guitar rig and vacuum to emulate the old synths used in the 80 house music styles.

For this week we also worked on editing the bass guitar to fit in the track as we had different variations of bass tracks on every track. We transferred the tracks from pro tools to ableton because I find ableton easy to use if you cutting and paste as the time is great compared to pro tools that I tried but found it a bit hard.p2.jpg

With the transferring of the bass from pro-tools to ableton, we tried to use the rewire software as it was recommended to us as a good one for combining or working with two DAWs at once. We had a look at the Lynda.com tutorial of rewire that explains how the software works. When using two Daws, one has to be a master and the other as a slave for our case we used pro tools as the master and ableton as the slave but the programme didn’t work so we end up just bounce the files from pro tools to the computer dragged and drop into the ableton session where we did all the bass editing. After we shared the tracks with the musician on google drive and asked them what the thought about the changes we had. But both of them were happy with our work as they loved the editing and they actually said it was better that what we recorded.

Below is the product we’ve got form the editing we did on the bass guitar. Have a listen and please give us some feed and criticism that will help us improve.



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