WEEK 11: AUD210 Project Progression

In this week 11 of our major project for the AUD210 unit, Luca and i have recorded  guitar tracks to three of our songs using the TLA studio at the campus. The tracks we recorded make up a three house tracks extended play (EP) that we have to finish in week 13 to make up the competence of the AUD210 studio unit of this trimester. We recorded the guitar using the DI box because the it gives out a cleaner sound and is very easy to set up (saves time) compared to miking up the guitar which is a long process and tends to take a long time to set up which also requires trying out and finding good microphone placements to get good recordings.



This project is very good for us as we are learning how to work in a real industry situation with real professional and unprofessional musicians. It teaches us how to deal with certain situations during the recording session. For example we got much experience from recording a professional guitarists who plays and records guitar for a living. He told us that he works on time he is booked for and that he rocks up to the studio, records couple of takes with different variations and leaves every thing to the producer to arrange and get the tracks ready for him to come in next time and do the overdubs if needed. So we too the same procedure and pretended that is was a real industry job when we have hired him to record the guitar to our project. we nailed it with confidence as we had a great team work in the studio. Luca was the engineer responsible for the control the desks and recording and i was responsible for setting up the studio and equipment to be ready for  use,  looking after the artist and packing down the studio after we were done with the recording.


We also assigned tasks between our selves to make work easier for us  as we are running out of time. The task assigned to Luca was to research the Guitar Rig for the song ‘Robot Rock’ by Daft Punk. As we are thinking of replicating it in one of my songs. Luca found is and also found a website about  the style used in the ‘Get Lucky’ song by Daft Punk. Nile Rodgers was the guitarist who played the guitar in the song. (Dawsons Music, 2013).

My task was to look at tutorials on how to design a  CD covers, Album art work as well as opening up a band camp account where we will be uploading our final EP. I managed to get a few great tutorials off youtube that teach  how to design a professional CD cover using Photoshop CS6.        For the band camp account it will be opened up  with in next week after both of us agree to the pages terms and condition. band camp is where our music will be uploaded.

Below is the sound cloud link for you to listen to our tracks progression for week 11. Note the guitar tracks are all raw and are not properly arranged or even mixed. Have a listen and give some feedbacks. critics,ideas and advice for our improvements and more than welcome Thanks and enjoy


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