WEEK 12: AUD210 Vocal Recording/Editing

Week 12 of our final project progression, we have recorded vocals to our tracks and started on the editing process that we will be finishing on the weekend. On Tuesday 8th December, Luca and i booked the Audient B studio and recording room 3 where we managed to record the vocals from. we used the AKG C414 multi-pattern condenser microphone which is the most versatile microphone for vocals and instruments in studio. This microphone offers a choice of nine polar patterns for the perfect sonic capture and it really gave us great vocals recordings. We also used a pop filter to reduce and eliminate popping sounds sibilance from the vocals. Using a pop filter on vocal recording can save much time that could have been used in eliminating pop sounds during the editing process.

The diagram below show the AKG C414 microphone.akgc141.jpg

The recording session went on good as we had a professional Vocalist, this saved us a lot of time and made the session fun. It was hard to get the vocalist in the studio as he is always busy working on other projects were he earns his living from but it was great that he managed to fit our project in his schedule and turned up to the session. All the Lyrics which will be heard in our track were wrote on spot during the sessions. we played for him the tracks and he wrote us different variations of lyrics that we had to chose which ones worked well for us and eliminated others that didn’t. Before the session started we were a bit worried that we might end up not recording all the tracks as he mentioned that he was going to write the lyrics on spot but the good news was we did record all the tracks in one session. He is such a really a talents person who is gifted and has a passion of song writing.

The photos below shows the vocalist writing the lyrics during the recording sessions.



We have started working on the editing process of tracks where we edited the vocals and removed all the unwanted spills and noise that were recorded on the day. We re-arranged the vocals and placed them in different parts of the tracks and we also chopped up some of the vocals takes to used them as backing vocals.

The issues that we found during the recoding session were getting to the control desk to work. The desk in the Audient room was so complicated to get our heads around, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how it functions but still we couldn’t get it to work so we had to keep calling up the supervisor couples of times to help us out through the session.

Next week we will be working on the mixing of the vocals and the entire tracks which we will be  uploading them to band camp as we mentioned in our learning contract. we will use different audio effects like reverb, delays, compressors and Vst Plug- ins like guitar rig and kontact instruments to manipulate some of the guitars to make synths for the house tracks. After we will be planning and working on our presentation that we will be presenting on Friday.

Below is on of the track that we have  edited.



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