Genre Analysis

Today am going to analyse the musical characteristics of two songs from two different genres of music. The songs that I have chosen to analyse are: – “Stir it up” (1972 version) by Bob Marley and The wailers. The song is in the genre of reggae music.
The second is a Hip-Hop song called “Patience” by Damien “Jr. Gong” and Nas.
I will be talking about the differences and similarities between of these two songs within the categories of their Rhythm, melody, Harmony Timbre and Form


Both the songs, “Stir it up” and “Patience” are written in a 4×4 time signature with the bass guitar and the drums playing the rhythm pattern in both of them. The bass plays a repetitive groovy rhythmic pattern in both of the songs but changes in pattern during the verses in the “Stir it up” song. The beat/pulse in “Stir it up” is played by the kick and the snare on every first and third beat. The shakers and hats in “Stir it up” play on every single beat which fills up the rhythm and makes the song groovier while in the “Patience song”, the Clap plays the beat of the song on every third beat of the song. “Patience” has a tempo of 124 Beats per minute (BPM) while the tempo of “Stir it up” is 76BPM


The “Stir it up” track was written in the key of A major where A, D and E chords were used. The melody of the track is being strummed on the electric guitar throughout the song and it’s panned to the left side of the track. “Patience” was written in A minor and A, E and C chords were used. Both the melodies of the tracks are repetitive. In Patience, the melody comes in and out at various times.

In “Stir it up” up the harmony is played by a Morg synthesiser and a distorted and overdriven electric guitar which plays throughout the song. It accompanies the entire melody and the vocals in the track but panned with a movement from right to left and backwards. In “Patience” the harmony is played by windpipes which are very low and are hardly heard in the song as they are played at various times.

The guitars in “Stir it up” the melodic keyboard and the wind pipes in “Patience” have brighter and warm tones. They are raised in the high frequencies which give them bite and clarity. Stir it up melodic guitar got a scratchy tone that enables it to cut through the mix. The vocals in both tracks are warm and high in volume that they stand out of the mix.

Form or structure
Both of the tracks have different length of song section but slightly the song arrangement and what make them different is the solo in the “Stir it up” song.

Stir up song got a length of 5:33 minutes the following structure
Introduction – 16 bars
Chorus -17 bars
Verse -16 bars
Chorus -17 bars
Verse -16 bars
Chorus – 17 bars
Verse – 16 bars
Chorus – 17 bars
Solo – 56 bars
Outro – 24 bars
And below is the structure of “Patience” which lasts for 4:24 minutes

Intro – 4 bars
Chorus – 8 bars
Verse 1 – 32 bars
Chorus – 8 bars
Verse 2 – 32 bars
Chorus – 8 bars
Verse 3– 32 bars
Outro 8 bar

That the genre analysis, the I have done for this weeks blog


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