Genre Production

This week we are going to look at Genre production as part of my audio production progression. The genre I going to analyse is rock music and the song I chose is called “Great southern land” by Icehouse which is an Australian rock band, formed as Flowers in 1977 in Sydney. The band is known for its pub rock style.

This is the track that I and my group members choose to reproduce for our re-interpretation. We will reproduce it in the genre of reggae music. When we will programme drums and record a bass guitar and vocals to complete our re-interpretation.

The Ice House’s Great Southern land song was recorded in frontman Iva Davies’s living room in the inner Sydney suburb of Leichhardt, right under the airport flight path. The instrumentation used in the track production include drums which were produced using a Vintage Drum machine called Linn Drum from Linn Electronics. The group loved the use of Synthesizer in their music as it made them stand out at the time. The drums and all instruments in the song had reverb applied to them which made the song feel spacious sonically as it was the main aim of the artist to create space in the song to accompany his message of the great and beautiful Australian landscape he is singing about. The snare drum seems to be heavily compressed and distorted as it loud and with a dirty sound. The pattern of the drums is repetitive and groovy throughout the song.
The song has got warm synth sounds that stand out (loud) during the Chorus of the track and lowered down during the verses. The synth would have been produced using the
Fairlight CMI Series IIX which a vintage synthesizer or sampler workstation that was designed in 1979 by Peter Vogel and Kim Ryrie.Fairlight CMI Series IIXFairlight CMI Series IIX

The band also used electric guitars and acoustic guitar that were recorded to fill up the melodies and harmonics of the song.
The flanger effect and distortion are used on the electric harmonic guitar which is slightly panned to the left side. The effects allow the guitar to cut through the mix.
The melodic guitar that is panned slightly to the right side has a warm sound and is settled in the mix but its hard to hear (low) during the chorus but it clearly heard in the verse sections. Lastly is the rhythmic acoustic guitar which is strummed throughout the song accompanying the rhythm pattern of the song. It is panned to the left side in the mix.

The vocals in the song seem to be the main instrument as they stand out loud and clear thank any other instrument. The lyrics (words used) are clearly heard and suit the artist’s message. I personally believe the vocals pulls the attention of the listeners. They got reverb on them and the backing vocals are doubled with delay effects on them.

The entire song was recorded on an eight-track magnetic tape (Stereo 8) as by that time, it was the recording technology that was available.



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