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We have finally had 7 weeks of live sound production Lectures with Ben who has taught us how the live sound world works. We have learnt the roles and duties of the live sound team and how they operate during the live event. The roles that we have learnt are The front of house engineer who is responsible for all the audio equipment and supervision of the all live sound crew. He is in charge of controlling sound that the front of the house receives.

The next role is the Monitor engineer who operates the monitors mixer by giving the band sound to listen to what they are playing and control the sound to prevent feedback on the monitors.

The other role is that we covered during the lectures it the stage technician. This role involves setting up of speakers, microphone and instruments used by the musician. In the live lectures, we learnt how to operate both the digital and analogue mixers that we will be using at our main gig in few weeks to come.


What went right during the live sound??

jum.jpgstage monitors.jpg

I would say the setting up of equipment went on right on every lecture as it was the role that everyone knew and cooperated at before the lectures started. The tuning of the room, and assessing feedbacks and the on stages signal flow was alright right as we kept practising it all the time and everyone knew how to operate it.

We will always keep taking note of things that went right and keep practising out of class time too to continues learning and keep up with the right procedures.


What went wrong??

LSR DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLES.jpg  snake cable.jpg

The Digital mixer (FOH) was a disaster at the early stage as it was complicated to use and to set up the right signal flow from it to effects rack on to monitor mixer and on the stage. You could press and turn one knob and it destroyed the entire settings. I believe this was a problem because we were a big class for Ben to teach everyone to understand the desk very well. But we managed to solve this by spending a couple of our training ourselves the desk.

Apart from the setup, almost everything always went wrong at some point just because the cables always broke, some pins on the snake cables were bent and broken and the equipment mostly the equalisers and effects malfunctioned always. We couldn’t fix this as the campus could not provide or replace the cables and the broken equipment.

With the things that went wrong due to broken or malfunctioning equipment. we will keep demanding the campus to replace or repair the broken equipment.  And will keeping practising and learning to the digital desk.


Unexpected events.

On our assessment day, a bass was brought in after we set up everything and it couldn’t work because of a loose cable inside it. We found out this later on after spending lots of time trying to figure out what was the cause. We swapped out cables and DI boxes and found that it wasn’t the case until we took it to the supervision.


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