For the past 12 weeks of the 4th trimester of the bachelor’s degree in audio production, I’ve learnt a lot of production skills in both studio and post production world. I’ve also improved much in working collaboratively with other members (teammates) as this was one of the weakness that I had been struggling to get rid of for a long time. Working on couples of projects with different team mates for example in the post-production, live sound and the reinterpretation tasks have given me confidence working around and with group members.  This has to help me strengthen my skill, trust my production and also learnt new production techniques from my collaboration teammates.

With all the studies and knowledge learnt from the past 12 weeks, I chose to do a major project of a reggae dancehall extended play (EP) consisting of 3 tracks. I produced the tracks (instrumentals) and my plan was to record guitars and vocals to them also edit and mix them down for the final presentation. The main reason to why I chose to do this project was to improve and build up my goal of becoming a music and record producer who specialise in reggae dancehall and hip hop fusion. I brought on board an upcoming artist that am currently developing to work with me on this project where I treated the project as a real industry studio job. This professionally improved my relationship of producer to singer bond with this artist as we worked very seriously worked on the project professionally thou unexpected event happened in the mid of the project.


The production of the instrumentals went on right as I was so dedicated to them and had planned how I wanted every track to sound like and when each track had to be started and finished. I enjoyed the production of the instrumentals and got carried away and ended up producing more than what I wanted. This was after I found out that it was easy and fun to create music for an artist when they are there with you throughout the production process throwing ideas at you on the spot as you producing. You never run out of ideas as you would when you working by yourself and it also saves time and from getting trapped listening to the same loop section for hours.

We also managed to record vocals and guitar for the first track using the c75 studio and the recording room 1. The recording went on well and we managed to get good takes during the session. Also, my time management has improved as am familiar with the C74 desk as this used to take much of my time trying to figure it out.


My plan for the project was to record live guitars and bass to all the tree track but this didn’t happen as the guitarist who I had contacted and agreed to record them turn down with personal excuses which caused us not to record the guitars to all the track. but I managed to get the same artist that recorded to vocals to play on one track as he could play the guitar on the basic or beginner level and as I programmed the rest of the guitar for the other two tracks that we had to do.

we had a problem with the studio booking as all campus studios were fully booked out in the period of time that we had planned to re-record the clean vocals for the tracks. This was caused by the change of plan that we had made to suit the artist off work time as he works full time but we failed to get time to recorded the vocals so I end up using what we had recorded before and made much editing and mixing to clean them. There was the studio that I booked and the artist never turned up because of extra work time and shift give to him. So I had to work with what I had already to be able to finish the project on time.

The mixing process isn’t going on well because am haven’t really learnt much of mixing and I have trouble trusting my own mixes. Am also used to listen to lots of music with heaps of low end and this has affected my mixing skill as I ended up with the much low end in my mixes.


I will be practising much with new production techniques that I have learnt from both the collaboration and individual projects. I will also involve myself in more collaborative work or project to gain more confident and learn from other teammates. I will always draft a plan before starting any product which I will follow and stick to it in order to get good results and I will also keep working on a draft.


I will make sure I always have an emergency or contiguous plan to work too if things don’t go as I had planned them or when unexpected events occur for example when the guitarists turn down I would be safe if I had a backup plan. I will make sure I buy good headphones that don’t boost low end like the one I have now.


Finally, the all project was good as I learnt much from it and look forward to apply all the knowledge in the real world production and keep collaborating with different people around the world as I discovered there is more to learn from different people because we all do things differently and the way other people produce or work can be the only way that would improve your work.


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