I mixed and mastered my track for my major project in Ableton using the Ableton built in plugins and mad sure I keep my eyes on the metering level not to exceed the Australian standard industry loudness metering levels as this could make my track a low quality when played on radio stations as they are equipped with programs that automatically adjust audio levels making sure they are evenly spread in the perceived radio station loudness level. This help the listens not having to change the volume knob all the time as it would have been if every track played on a radio station was played without adjust its volume adjusted. They are all mixed and mastered at different levels

Today a lot of producers, mixing and mastering engineers have come to a sound war competing to see who is pumping out the loudest mix. Mostly the young electronic producers have a lot of issues when it comes to controlling the loudness of their mix. They use excessive compression, limiting and maximisation in their productions not knowing that this doesn’t not only increase volume but also affect the dynamics and quality of the production and it against the legislative laws.

In Australia, a domestic version of the ITU-R BS.1770 is followed. This is an international
Metering level used in measuring audio programme loudness.
It’s OP-56 which is used to measure the loudness units relative to the full scale and to make sure the levels of audio for broadcast in normalised.
This has been facilitated by commercial radio and streaming services as the replay level of the tracks will be automatically adjusted to ensure an even spread in the overall perceived loudness. With the advent of new technology, this is being applied to music streaming services as well as music players themselves

I used this information that helped me much in my mastering session and compared my final master to a commercial track.

Steps that I used to master my track
First I had to bounce final mix out of Ableton in a WAV 24 Bit Depth format. With a sample rate of 48 KHz and imported it back to new Ableton session.
I then started building a mastering chain which I used a master track put a multiband dynamics plug-in to it which I used to separate frequency into 3 separate bands (high, mids and Lows)

Multiband dynamics

I put the multiband dynamics plugin to audio effect which gave me easy access to control the 3 group band frequencies.
I turn down the lows in my mix as the track and boosted a bit of the mid to compensated for what I lost during the mixing

I drop an Eq eight o


I also applied a limiter to the master track and turned up the gain level 2db up.


I compared my track to ghetto story Baby Cham featuring Alicia keys which were very different the Ghetto sorry sold had the vocals sounding great compared to mine which was had different levels at different parts of the song.
The low-end frequency in my track was too loud compared to Baby Cham ‘track.
The mids in the ghetto story song seemed louder than mine also the kick and bass in my track were not punch as the one to my comparison track.


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