For my major project, I managed to analyse a few tracks in the subgenre of ragga music which is the genre of dancehall but the track that inspired me and help me much in terms of comparison was the Baby Cham ‘Ghetto Story’ song featuring Alicia Keys. Baby Cham is a Jamaican dancehall artist who specialises in the genre of ragga music. Ragga music is composed using minimal sounds mainly the ones with instruments that have heaps of frequency to give it the heavy rhythmic feel which I was going for in my production.


The Ghetto story song has a repetitive heavy tight kick drum which layered with a distorted soft kick making the entire sound of the kick lo-fi. The kick plays the main rhythm of the song and is felt on the loud sound system.

In my song the main rhythm of my song is played by a kick drum has well though my kick drum is to way loud and not layered. My track has minimal melodic and harmonic instruments compared to the Baby Cham’s one that is rich in harmonies and melodies.
I was trying to incorporate more melodic sounds as my reference track but having a limited knowledge of music theory affected me in the section so ended up having the few chords that are heard.

The dynamics of the Ghetto story song are well balanced. All the frequencies work well together and no frequency range (low, mid and high) is very louder than the rest.
The vocals are also balanced well in the entire song with heaps of backings and harmony vocals. They sit well in the mix and stand out which makes the message of the track heard clearly but the audience.

In my song am quite happy with the instrumental as it’s well balanced but vocals brought my track to really loose a taste. They were roughly recorded in a rash and I ended up picking different pieces from different tracks combined them together to foam ones take which resulted in issues of balancing the volume.
So the final mix of my song has unbalanced vocals where different sections have different volume levels. This is so unprofessional and I will have to record my vocals and mix my track again.

All I could say is that I executed the instrumental fairly good but the vocals and the mixing were really bad. So to make my project good I will record to vocals very well, layer them and re-mix my entire to make sure all the instruments sound good before uploading it online.


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