Reflection on my AUD 230 Projects

An Introduction

For my AUD 230 Major project, I decided to work on two separate projects. One project was to produce an electronic track in the genre of ragga/dancehall music and also sample a live kit drum to create a sample that I will be using in my next trimester’s project unfortunately the I lost my drum sampling sessions so I will have to sample the kit again. The aim of completing these two projects collectively was to gain experience in producing tracks, design sounds electronically also learning how to use hard effects using the patch in lead cables in the neve studio.
After the projects both my reinterpretation and my final major project, my skills in using and applying electronic music production and understanding Ableton software and VST plugins has really improved.


Ableton Live


For all my project this trimester, I used Ableton live as my DAW because it the most used software used by most electronic music producers and because of its simplest that why I chose to use it. I loved the easy drumming programming view of Ableton which was easy for me to program in my drums and percussions.
I also programmed midi notes the way the drums are programmed in and I applied both Ableton native and non-native plugins (synthesisers) which I played around to created melodies, chords progression and harmonic sounds that are heard in my tracks.


The structure of both my reinterpretation and major project song was based on the song that I analysed in the pre-production process (Ghetto story Baby Cham ft. Alicia Keys). I am quite happy with the structure of my track but totally disappointed at the final mixing of the track mainly the vocals that I recorded to the tracks.

Mixing the tracks was the hardest part of this project. As am not good at mixing my own tracks. Simon’s vocals that I record for my reinterpretation track were great but I kind of messed them up in the mixing stage but it all learning stage and I believe if I practice more I will get better at it. My main problem is that I create my instrumentals first which I mixed perfectly as I go then try to fit in the vocals later which becomes a problem because I have to go back and re-mix my tracks after the production and this becomes hard for me to come up with a good mix.
Both my productions the instrumentals are way louder compared to the vocals. This is because am used to listening to songs which are heavy in the lows ends and it has affected much my ability to mix songs. So what I have taken away from both of these projects is to send my tracks to someone else to mix them for me.

Overall in the entire trimester I feel I have certainly gained more experience in electronic music production and I believe that with just a bit of more practice, I can become an excellent electronic producer.


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